Changing the Game With Telehandler Attachments in Agriculture


Farming has always been a crucial part of any country and how it functions. In a time where climate change and other political factors make farming a priority for the next UK government and what can be achieved in the next few years and decades to maintain a support system of agriculture for the population, utilising the correct types of agricultural equipment and making the most of the professional expertise of plant hire companies for agriculture helps on the day-to-day level. One way in which farming practices can be achieved with greater efficiency is to take the machinery and equipment already being used on site and add to them with attachments. For example, telehandler attachments for agricultural use can change the game for a farmer.

What is a telehandler?

A telehandler is a machine that you often seen used within agricultural settings. It is a type of forklift machine that has the ability to move heavy goods and materials from one place to another on site in a safe and efficient manner, and for a wide range of terrains and conditions.

What are the benefits of telehandlers in agriculture?

There are a few different benefits for using telehandlers for farming operations. This includes increasing the efficiency of material handling on often treacherous and unstable terrain, saving time and money through greater efficiency of operations, using compact telehandlers for tight spaces, and providing a higher level of safety standards when compared with using manual labour for the same tasks. Telehandlers offer farming operations increased flexibility, as they can lift, carry, and move heavy items of up to 6 tonnes, along uneven ground, boggy terrain, and even stairs. When you consider the number of potential telehandler attachments that can also be added, then you’ll understand the potential of agricultural telehandlers.

What telehandler attachments are used for farming?

Attachments for farms, or farm implements, are used to great effect to utilise the same machinery for a variety of tasks, boosting efficiency, flexibility, and productivity on a farm. Some implements can be used for digging, others to cut grass, to carry goods, to grapple, and to lift at a greater height, increasing versatility for farm workers.

Telehandler attachments for farming include:

  • Bale handlers
  • Bale spike
  • Bucket for digging
  • Grapple
  • Boom truss
  • Bucket for waste
  • Buckets for light and heavy materials
  • A jib, crane
  • A fork grapple
  • Sweeper
  • Pallet forks
  • Winch

Utilising some of the best telehandler attachments for your telehandler will help to transform the way your farm operates and functions. It can have a massive impact on the flexibility and the possibilities for a farm. Agriculture is a challenging, ever-changing beast of an industry, so there is a need to be as fully prepared and flexible as possible in the face of a whole wealth of potential problems that must be overcome on a daily basis. With the right support from a good plant hire company, and a choice of the latest, safest, and best telehandler attachments for hire, the future is a bright one.


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